We build bridges for a better communication among your different audences.

Our mission is to add value to your organization.


The internal messages are the strength of your organization... ours is to position them to obtain a positive impact on your corporate image.

Corporative Communications

Creation and implementation of strategies designed to effectively transmit our client's messages according to pre-established objectives.

Internal Communication

Strategies and actions created to improve and ensure communication among all the levels of the organization, in order to share the mission, values and objectives of the company.

Media Relations

Develop a professional relationship between our clients and the media to ensure the systematization and the optimization of our client's messages for diverse audiences.

Media Training

Theoretical and practical seminar designed to teach spokespersons to effectively transmit the key messages during encounters with the media.

Public Affairs

Strategic communication advice on how to properly engage with stakeholders, identifying key actors, risks and opportunities to establish optimal relations with the authorities.

Social Media

Support with the creation and implementation of messages as well as with the strategies.

Crisis Managment

Provide planning, training, auditing and resources to help our clients control the special situations and ensure the protection of people, assets, operations, earnings and reputation.

Corporate Social Responsability

Creation or implementation of management plans in which the company contributes in a voluntary way to the economic, social and/or environmental improvement of the society, in order to reaffirm its corporate image and its better practices to the public opinion.

Events Planning

Special events management based on the needs of the company, with a wide variety of solutions for product or service launch, corporate announcement, etc.



Who we are

Our values are translated in benefits and results.

With more than 10 years of experience, Clark, Maauad & Asociados is  a team of specialized consultants with front-line experience in corporate communication strategies and  public relations services.


Contribute directly to the success of our clients, their products or services and their market position through the use of effective communication campaigns.


√ Confidence and long term relationships
√ Commitment and loyalty focused on our clients objectives
√ Creativity and Flexibility
Effective response before and during crisis situations
√ Measurable results based on effective and correct strategies

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We use the best tools and resources to provide our services always with quality, value added and always monitoring the final impact and results.

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